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Disadvantages of React JS

Development Pace

React JS is constantly evolving and changing. The pace at which React is developed can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on who you are. The developers who see these ongoing changes as an advantage would argue that React is constantly being improved and making their jobs easier. The developers who see the pace of development as a disadvantage would argue that they have to constantly relearn how to work with React JS, which is difficult to keep up with.

It should be noted, though, that React’s core API has gotten a lot more stable in recent years. Most updates today affect the library and new features.

Lack of Documentation

This drawback is tied to people’s concern with the pace of React’s development. As a result of rapid development, educational documentation and resources can be sparse in covering the latest updates and changes. Due to the number of updates and new releases, there’s simply not enough time for writing complete documentation.

Since ReactJS is an open source framework, developers are able to create their own support documents, but since anyone can create these resources, you could come across poor resources that offer little help.

Non-Vigilant Focus on User Interface

React contains a myriad of tools used to develop and create user interfaces. However, unlike frameworks, React  JS is not an ‘all-in-one-tool’ for app development. Therefore, if you happen to use a model-view-controller (MVC), React development is only responsible for the UI. The developers have to create the model and controller part by using other tools. To create a functional application, you will have to apply more tools that will cover other crucial parts like backend and data storage.

You will need additional tools for app programming interfaces (APIs), routing, and other parts as well.

JSX as a Barrier

In simple terms, JSX is a JavaScript extension that can make the code more readable and clean. While the JSX syntax extension makes things easier for some developers, other web developers and designers find the JSX code too complex and challenging to grasp. JSX doesn’t negatively impact the performance or User Interface capabilities of ReactJS. This con is more of a preference than anything else.

Incomplete Tooling Set

Businesses should understand that the horizon of React only covers the UI layer of the application. Other than this, everything related to the web development project is out of its periphery. Thus, even after implementing React web app development, the developers still need to choose a framework to build fast, beautiful, and compatible UI. Since the entire tooling set is not available only with React, the developers will face difficulties completing the project.

Here are some of the React-based frameworks used by developers:

  • Material UI
  • Ant Design
  • Redux
  • React Bootstrap
  • Atomize


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