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Advantages of React JS

Ease of Learning

React’s ease of learning is truly one of its core advantages. The library is comparatively easy to learn and implement, so businesses can get a jumpstart quickly. React doesn’t require mastering JavaScript. If you already have intermediate-level experience with the language, you will be more than fine. React also natively includes features like dependency injection, which reduces the learning time for newbies.

React builds on core web development skills. That doesn’t mean that you will learn it in a day or that each of its features is easy to understand on the first try. Instead, React excels precisely because it minimizes the amount of React-specific knowledge you need for those with a basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

Thriving Community

React definitely has strong community support, which can be attributed to its open source nature. Whether you face a problem, a bug, or anything else, you can be sure the community will always be there to provide you with any help they can.

Not only that, there are a ton of YouTube videos, tutorials, how-to’s, articles, React-centric web development blogs, and other publications that are available to everyone for free!


The React library is SEO-friendly, and it focuses on rendering speed. JavaScript-based websites can get into some trouble because of DOM re-rendering. Long loading time may also be the cause of problems with the website itself. Thanks to the virtual DOM and server-side rendering, this is no longer an issue since Google or any other search engine doesn’t have to use JavaScript directly for content rendering.

Companies that use React can typically expect to see a reduction in load time and a higher rank in search engine results as Google seems to index React-based applications quite well.

Reduced Coding

In React, you can have similar code for both the client-side and server-side of an application. That’s why any website with React has high-speed advantages, making it attractive to crawlers, users, and developers alike.

Furthermore, it’s easy to test because React can treat views as functions of a specific state.

Facebook Support

Facebook itself is a tremendous advantage of React. Not only a group of individual developers, particular communities, but Facebook itself also maintains this framework.

Facebook feels optimistic about React. Because of its great accessibility and usage, React has a wider range of possibilities for new developers to learn this framework quickly and take that first successful step toward app development.

Reusable Components

Reusable components are among the factors that influence React’s popularity. It’s safe to assume that they’re one of the essential features of React when it comes to web app development. Not to mention they speed up the entire development process.

All components of the React application are reusable and responsible for outputting a small, reusable piece of HTML code. Being the heart of all React applications, its components can also be nested. This nesting with other components allows you to create complex applications while using simple building blocks.


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