react native-tutorial

Install with Expo

Expo CLI is the simplest way to get going with mobile application development. Although Expo is a collection of tools based on React Native, the most important feature for us right now is that it enables you to write a React Native app in a matter of minutes. Only a phone or emulator and a recent version of Node.js are required.

Step 1: Installing Node.js

If your computer is running Node 10 LTS or a later version. Please go to the next action! , If not, go to the NodeJS website and install the recommended OS version.

Step 2: Installing the Expo CLI

You can verify that npm is included with Node by executing the following line. We’ll install Expo CLI with npm.

npm -v 

It will display the npm version that is currently installed on your computer. Now, we’ll set up Expo CLI by executing the next command:

npm install -g expo-cli

Step 3: Create a new React Native project

To start a new “NewProject” React Native project, issue the commands below:

expo init NewProject
cd NewProject
npm start 

We can also use expo start in place of npm start.

Step 4: Running your React Native application

Connect to the same wireless network as your PC by downloading the Expo client app to your iOS or Android device. Use the Expo app on Android to access your project by scanning the QR code from your terminal. To obtain a link on iOS, adhere to the on-screen directions.


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